Dont forget to vote!

Hello all, I hope you’re doing well and staying safe!

We have yet another demonstration of COVID being the worst. Today is Halloween and I have never had a Halloween like the one I had today. Normally, I would spend the whole day very excited to dress up and go to my aunts house. There, we would have a huge bonfire, eat chili and drink hot apple cider. Later in the evening, we would take the kids out trick or treating. But this year couldn’t be any more different. Recently, a couple family members of mine had tested positive for COVID, which means no time with my family. I spent this Halloween at home, watching scary movies in my pajamas with no chili, no hot apple cider or bonfire. While im not thrilled to not have chili, or hot apple cider I really do think that was the responsible choice.

Speaking of responsible, I went and voted a couple of days ago! It was a pretty quick process. Well, I don’t mean 5 min quick but it was much faster than the DMV! I had decided to go in person just to be sure my vote counted on time. I hope you got your vote in as well! Before I had voted I went and got a covid test. After getting tested and voting, I though “hey look at me kind of being a grown up”. But then I remembered I still need my mom to make my dentist appointments. Sigh Im getting there, slowly but surely.

Well its been great catching up. I hope you stay safe! Ms. Rona (COVID) seems to be overstaying her welcome so please wear your mask!

Talk to you soon!

-Alexia 🙂

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