Hey there!


Welp, its fair to say that things have changed immensely both for me and the rest of the world. For me, I have been dealing with a job, new school and my utter hatred for online schooling.

Firstly, I have a job working at my grandma’s hair salon. My job isn’t very glamorous, I’m the cleaning lady/ receptionist. It’s a job and on top of that I get to see my family everyday which has been very lovely. Working there has been pretty interesting, it seems like there’s always a lot going on. The pharmacy next door burnt down, the salons been broken into three times, and that’s only a few things. Never a dull moment. Of course, we follow the rules about masks for everyone’s safety, which, thankfully, hasn’t been a problem. The only issues we run into are people forgetting their own masks and having to use a disposable one. Thankfully, we haven’t had anyone refuse to wear a mask knock on wood.

Secondly, I impulsively transferred to Metro state. Im currently taking two classes: philosophy, film and the meaning of life and abnormal psychology. Its been ok, but it definitely ties into my final point which is that I hate online school. I was initially thinking about taking a semester off, but I got worried that I would feel behind, so I enrolled. Last year, I was learning how to be a college student. I was figuring out how to manage different classes and how to get my homework done. I found that I loved going to the library and staying until I had finished my work. That’s not really an option for me now, which has been a challenge. I’m a bit apprehensive to go study somewhere outside of my house. So my solution was to clear out a room and I had been storing my instruments in and turn it into an office space for me and my mother. So far, its working ok. I still get distracted, but at least I have a sperate space to work.

Other than covid taking its toll on everything, I think I’m getting better. I like many other people am doing my best to make it work. It’s all a learning experience and were all just rolling with the punches so to say.

Any who, stay safe, wear a mask, and enjoy the weather before it gets too cold!

Talk to you soon!

– Alexia 🙂

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