It’s only been a month!?

Hello all! I hope you’re all doing well!

Wowowow. It really feels like a whole year has gone by, but it was only January!? I already feel so exhausted, and the weather is not helping! I have a few things to discuss today, so lets get into it shall we?

First, I’d like to begin with school. So far, for lack of a better term, its been a real doozy. I’m taking a math class, college algebra, which seems really straightforward, except I seem to have forgotten math complacently. Luckily, I have some wonderful and helpful people in my class who are really smart and willing to help. We have a group chat called “Math buddies :)”. I am also taking a geography class. I was trying to take a geology class, but instead asked for this one by mistake. The best part it, this is now one of my favorite classes. My professor is amazing and he makes learning super fun. Another favorite class of mine, is public speaking. We get to choose our topics and learn how to improve our public speaking which is surprisingly fun! I also made some good friends in that class, which really helps. I am taking another class (into to sociology), but as of right now, its not on the favorite list. I was hoping it would be really interesting like the psychology class I took last semester, but that just isn’t the case. The material were learning isn’t that difficult to understand, its just the teaching style, not for me.

Second, I wanted to talk about what my month is looking like and a little of what Im hoping for soon. In terms of workload, this month isn’t looking to shabby. A few larger assignments here and there, but overall, very manageable. I am looking into getting a job, which I really need. My aunt help me find a job that is super flexible and pays well, which is exactly what I need. More to come on this when I start working. Also, a little bit about myself, I have always wanted to do two things: 1- play music and 2- learn how to skate. Now I know these sound silly and maybe a bit dumb, but these two things are things that I have always wanted to learn how to do. I have been pretty intimidated to do both of these things ever since I was a kid, but I came to a realization a while ago. I’m not getting any younger, so why be scared when I have things I really want to do? So I have decided that I am going to try to practice guitar/bass/drums at least 3 times a week. I am also planning on going to Cal Surf (a skate shop in Minneapolis), and putting together my own board (once I start working of course).

Last but certainly not least, its black history month! In honor of this time to celebrate and recognize achievements made by African Americans, here are just some of the many influential and important African american figures throughout history.

1.) Jimi Hendix – “He was hailed by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as “the most gifted instrumentalist of all time.” The rock legend has posthumously earned multiple Hall of Fame Grammy Awards, including the Recording Academy’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.” – Via The Undefeated

2.) Zora Neale Hurston – “Hurston had published more books than any other black woman in America, she was unable to capture a mainstream audience in her lifetime, and she died poor and alone in a welfare hotel. Today, she is seen as one of the most important black writers in American history.” – Via

3.) Kobe Bryant – “Professional basketball superstar Kobe Bryant played for the Los Angeles Lakers since 1996 when he came to the team as an eighteen-year-old, the youngest player in NBA history, until his retirement in 2016. Bryant was a long-time philanthropist, using his well-known name to raise funds for a number of causes.” – Via

I hope you all have a wonderful February, see you next month!

~Alexia 🙂

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